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Computer Professionals Unlimited is a full service company.
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If you have a computer question, we find the answer. Because we cover all areas of technology, our customers never get stuck in the middle of the "finger pointing" game. That's where the printer company says it's the problem of the software company and the software company says it's the problem of the printer company and you're stuck in the middle.

If you need help with...

Networking · Computer Upgrades · Software Installation and support · Help Desk Type Support · Peripherals: Printers, Scanners, Cameras, Cell Phones, etc. · Server Installation · Data Backup · Document Indexing · Photograph Indexing and Management · Websites

We can help!

Why Hire Us?

What we do for your office and what they do for your office are two different things. Half the problem with trying to solve computer issues is explaining the problem in the first place. Most computer tech support personnel don't speak the same language you do. We speak both computer and English so you don't feel like you need a translator. This makes it possible for problems to be solved quickly and easily.

Don't give the customer what they ask for, give them what they want.

Because computers are so complex and there are so many protocols, specifications and standards, it's very difficult to ask technical support personnel for help. We make it possible to get help from an expert without being an expert. And because we know what's important to business we are able to offer suggestions where efficiency can be improved and your computer can be made to work harder for you.